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We're both puppets.

I know who's pulling my strings. Do you know who's pulling your's?

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Name:Lauren Reed
Birthdate:Oct 16
Birth Name: Lauren Bridgette Reed

Current Alias: Samantha Julia Stephen

Faceclaim: Melissa George

Occupation: Thief

Story: Growing up, Lauren Reed appeared to have it all. An important father, a loving mother, a beautiful face, charm, the best grades, and riches. No one knew how lonely and cold her life was. They had no clue how much she longed for adventure and passion. She never told anyone how much it hurt not to have the father that she loved so much there for her when she needed him the most.

During their time together, her mother taught her the ways of Rimbaldi. She raised Lauren to follow and believe in Rimbaldi’s prophecies, like she did. She put her daughter in self defense classes, extra language classes, acting classes. From a young age, Lauren knew what her mother expected of her.

After Sydney Bristow’s apparent murder, Lauren was put in place to help Michael Vaughn pick up the pieces. She comforted him, listened to him when he ranted, held him as he cried. He was sweet and she did care for him, even tried to fall in love with him. But, she just couldn’t. He was the kind of man that her father had always wished for her to marry: An upstanding patriot with a secure future. He was boring and that boredom drove her to tears. She wanted excitement and passion, something that Vaughn simply couldn’t provide her.

After Sydney came back into their lives, things became far more exciting. Lauren worked with Julian Sark to take out the section leaders of The Covenant, causing the two of them to be promoted to heads of the North American branch. In the process, and much against her will, she fell in love with Sark. He provided her with the passion with that she longed for and the tenderness that she needed.

After being discovered, she ended up betraying the CIA by impersonating Sydney and blowing up CIA headquarters. Sark was captured and tricked into giving Lauren’s whereabouts. Sydney tracked her down and the two of them had a showdown. She would have killed Sydney if Vaughn hadn’t shot her. Before supposedly giving her last breath, she gave Sydney the whereabouts to a safety deposit box that contained important information about her family.

Of course, it was all an illusion. It took a lot of wrangling and pulling off after everything that she’d done, but Lauren managed to falsify her death. She escaped, going to ground and changing her hair and name. After Sark managed to escape from the CIA, she longed to tell him the truth but decided against it. He had mourned her and the last thing that she needed was for word to somehow get back to the CIA.

For the last few years, she’s traveled around the world. She changed her name many times, her hair color, became a thief. She still misses Sark, but knows that it’s far too late to tell him now. A part of her is frightened that he would see her as someone who has betrayed him and that he would kill her for it.

Mun and muse are both over the age of 18.
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